Desperate need for a Fast Forward Button!



Sometimes in life there needs to be a fast forward button.  I imagine it being Halloween and when the kids ring your doorbell and yell “Trick or Treat” you hand them each a remote control.

“Here’s one for you,” you smile at the little cowboy, “And for you,” you give the pink one to the ballerina, “and we can’t forget the robot,” you pat the little tyke on the head.

With reckless abandonment you fling your arms out wide and offer yourself as a sacrifice to the remote control desperately hoping the fast forward button truly works.   You say to the little group standing just outside your front door, “Ok.  Ready . . . set . . . CLICK!”

Yeah, I know.  We are supposed to live life to the fullest.  Live it like it’s our last day.  Even keeping our lamps lit for our coming bridegroom.  But sometimes, just sometimes, you just want to move it along a tad more quickly.

Like the days or even the past 36 hours when you have a sick hubby and you are taking care of him and you have a son who’s going back to college facing his most arduous semester he has ever had to face. And you have other children who are wanting things that are not helpful to them, things that make life difficult and them being teenagers who are exercising their ‘teenagerisms’ to the hilt and are trying your patience and you just want to curl up in a ball and cry.  Oh and you have an interview for a job the next day that you think would be a good fit for and pray incessantly if it is something that God wants you to do and yet you are so nervous and worried cuz you haven’t interviewed in like two decades. And the photography business you put your heart and soul into hasn’t sold even one small print.  And the book you’ve been working on for five years is still not quite done. And so you don’t sleep all that night due to all the things weighing heavy in your heart.

And then the next day, you go to the interview, get emotional and teary during the interview.  I mean, Gee Whiz!  Who does that in front of total strangers!? And then think of all the things you should have said AFTER the fact and leave basically feeling stupid.  And all you want to do is sit down and have some quiet time with God and get some writing in and a friend calls you cuz they are having a hard time and they need you. So you tend to that before the bad interview and you send your son off to college with hugs and prayers and burdened heart before the interview.  You find out your aging mother-in-law fell and the nursing home is calling  ‘just letting you know’ and you are taking care of the sick husband and all you want to do is go to bed and sleep cuz you didn’t sleep a wink the night before.  And just before bedtime your other son says he is not feeling well and proceeds to throw up ALL night, but can’t forget the sick hubby or the other son who is a ‘throw up phobic’ and tending to the one who is ACTUALLY throwing up every hour.  And lest we forget, waiting to hear from the other son who you hope made it safely back to college.

Yeah, that’s when you need life to have a fast forward button.  BRING IT ON!

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